Our Church in Action

Our Church in Action

Book Club

First Monday of the Month –  7.30pm

Mahjong Club

Sundays 2.00pm


Lunch first Sunday of the month after worship

Garden Working Bees

The St Marks gardens are lovingly maintained by a group of volunteers. Working Bees are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting at 9am. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED !!!!

Monthly Dine-Out

Friends of St Marks meet at a local hotel or restaurant at 6.00pm on the third Wednesday of the month. Bookings are essential. Please contact the office for details on how to book.

Coffee and Chat

2nd Tuesday of the Month 2.00 – 4.00 at Biscottini Cafe

Pastoral Partners / Circles of Care

Pastoral Partners is a group that meets monthly to ensure the pastoral needs of the congregation are met.

Each member of the congregation is included in at least one of many Circles of Care. Circle members receive and give care to each other in a low care every day way. At times, some may need more care if they are sick, in hospital or experience bereavement. Members offer support where needed and let the minister know so additional support can be given. Groups sometimes socialise together.

Evening Friendship Group

The Evening Friendship Group meets on the 4th Monday of the month in the Friendship Room at 7.30pm.
The group has an annual syllabus that includes speakers, fellowship, and fun.
The group sponsors a child’s education in the St Judes School in Africa and organises fund raising events for both outreach organisations and the church. We welcome all new members.

The Joy of Art

Thursdays  2.00pm


Playgroups run Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings 9.30am to 11.30am.

Community Food Distribution Programme

In partnership with the Mornington Community Information Centre and Second Bite, free fruit and vegetables are served to the community from St Marks’ premises on Thursday mornings, with help from community organisations.

Men’s Paper Tie-Up Group


Men’s Paper Tie Up Group meets at the church at 8.00am on Tuesdays to tie up newspapers which are sold to raise money for charities. Papers are collected by a group of hardworking volunteers during the week from retirement villages and cafes and are also left in a shed at the Church by members of the public.

Interchurch Network

Meets monthy to plan interchurch activities on the Peninsula